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Education in the Time of Corona

29 June 2020, 17:00

We’re taking the conversation to a whole new level with The Exchange – a new webinar series from The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre that brings together a range of expert guest speakers in an inclusive space to exchange ideas, raise awareness and address issues and perspectives that are often underrepresented in the public arena and in academic research.

“The consequences of Covid-19 are going to be felt in our education system for months to come”. – Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary, National Education Union (NEU).

What challenges exist for racially minoritised teachers and students and have any been resolved? What are the lessons learned so far that we can take into the new academic year to inspire success for all?

The coronavirus pandemic has created an educational crisis for secondary and higher education institutions. Pre-existing inequalities faced by racially minoritised students and staff within the sector have been deepened as a result and the crisis highlights key questions for the sector.

Join us for this panel-led discussion at 5pm Monday 29 June, that will explore the key issues of inequality faced by local educators and students, and decipher government issued guidance within a context of reimagining models of educational success for educators and young people in the classroom.