COVID-19 and Racial Inequality in the UK | Monday 8 June 2020

A panel discussion streamed live on Facebook and YouTube

We’re taking the conversation to a whole new level with The Exchange. This new webinar series will bring together a range of guest speakers in an inclusive space to exchange ideas, raise awareness and address issues and perspectives that are often underrepresented in the public arena and in academic research.

“Coronavirus: Black and Asian ethnic groups up to twice as likely to die with COVID-19” – Public Health England

Why are there higher rates of COVID-19 infection and related deaths among Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in the UK?  Join us for the inaugural webinar – a panel discussion addressing this issue and looking at how the pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing racial disparities and inequalities.


Professor Bertha Ochieng
Professor of Integrated Health and Social Care, De Montfort University

Dr Natalie Darko
Research Fellow, Centre for BME Health, University of Leicester

Professor Ivan Browne
Director of Public Health, Leicester City Council; Professor of Public Health Practice, De Montfort University

Professor Heidi Safia Mirza
Emeritus Professor, Institute of Education, UCL; Visiting Professor, Race, Faith and Culture, Goldsmiths

Watch the recording of this episode: