COVID-19 Response

Source TypeAuthorTitleOrganisationDateAccess
Newspaper ArticleToby Helm, Emma Graham-Harrison, Robin McKieHow did Britain get its coronavirus response so wrong?The Guardian19 Apr 20 
Newspaper ArticleJana BacevicThere’s no such thing as ‘following the science’ – coronavirus advice is politicalThe Guardian28 Apr 20
Newspaper ArticleCynthia GreenleeDocumenting Disparity: The Challenges of Collecting Racial Data on CoronavirusColorlines29 Apr 20
Newspaper ArticleHelen WardWe scientists said lock down. But UK politicians refused to listen.The Guardian15 Apr 20
Newspaper ArticleJim MooreWhat African Nations Are Teaching the West About Fighting CoronavirusNew Yorker15 May 20
Newspaper ArticleSonia FaleiroBritain’s Ethnic Minorities Are Being Left For DeadNew York Times22 May 20