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Thursday 10 September, 18:30

This event will be hosted on Zoom

They say Knowledge Is Power. But what does this mean for research & researchers?

This event is connected to an open letter created by 10 Black women in research who are concerned by knowledge equity and recent actions taken by the funding body UKRI.
(Read the full letter here)

Recently we discovered that from a fund of £4.3 million to explore COVID-19 & the impact on BAME Communities

  • Not a penny went to a Black academic lead
  • No equality data was captured &
  • An individual who sat on the assessment panel, was also connected to 3 of the 6 awards

Not long ago UKRI published a statement of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. They promised to address ‘racism and structural barriers’ in research
Whether we are talking about UKRI, the SAGE committee, A’Level logarithms or who is appointed to lead UK inquiries. It’s time to start asking difficult questions about research and how we create knowledge

  • Are we avoiding research that explicitly looks at structural & systemic racism?
  • Is there discrimination in who leads research process?
  • Who gets to decide if systems and processes are fair, equitable and inclusive?

Research affects policy, & policy directly affects our lives
Please join us to discuss these critical issues

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